Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pre-Thanksgiving Stuff

What a day... Phew!!
What am I doing right now? Waiting for jello to harden in the fridge. Can we just say... the equivalent of waiting for jello to harden is like watching paint dry ;) Wait, why would I be doing such an absurd thing at this time of the night?(... or shall I say morning?) Long story short, today has been a culinary day of disaster!! Our simple task for thanksgiving was to make 2 desserts. Easy right? Fruit jello and cake. Lesson learned: Call Lesya if you need help, and never try to make jello with kiwi! So here I am... kiwi infested fail of a jello in the trash, starting a new creation over again. Oh what fun! So tomorrow is thanksgiving, huh... that's nice. Lol I guess I have neutral feelings concerning my upcoming family dinner. I'm surely going to eat lots of good food, that's a given. So I hope you all have a lovely thanksgiving! :)