Monday, February 4, 2013

Hating the Waiting

 Hating the waiting? Me too. 

I hate waiting. 
Waiting for my exam results to show up on Angel.

Waiting for the old grandma to turn in the intersection- (you can turn right on red!!)

Waiting for my mom to get to the point.

Waiting for a bouquet of flowers to appear at my doorstep... (a girl can dream.) 

Waiting for God to answer a prayer. 

Waiting for healing.
Waiting for wisdom.

Waiting is hard. Sometimes it means staying inactive, until something happens.
 One can pray and seek... and nothing seems to happen.
Complete stillness, blank nothingness. So boring. Heart wrenching. Painful.

That's probably how Martha and Mary felt when Jesus didn't come to heal their brother Lazarus. John 11:6 says Jesus knew all about the sickness His friend Lazarus was suffering through. He knew His friend was dead, yet didn't even come to visit! Rude!! Jesus, You were a few miles away, You could have at least walked over! Actually, He didn't even have to walk over, He could have said the word and Lazarus would have been healed. Instead, He waited 2 extra days.

Why? (We love asking that question, mere mortals we are.)

Lazarus was already dead for four days. There was no hope for healing. No breath in his lungs. But Jesus had other plans. He came. He prayed. He healed. Breath came back to the dead lungs. The hard cold heart began pumping warm blood. Those muscles and joints began walking. Impossible! Yes, impossible. For us. But with God all things are possible.

Jesus likes to come when our human efforts are extinguished. That way- all the glory goes to God.

So if you are like the farmer waiting for that seed to grow into a beautiful crop- just wait. Maybe you are like me and hate waiting. You will want to dig up the seed and check if everything is under control "Hellooo, are you germinating there little guy?" Don't be silly, just wait. God will provide. God will do it all. Yeah, we can water it. But all we are left with is faith. Faith that something is going on under that dark soil. We can't see it- but God does.

Keep waiting (stop hating it). Because God is doing something. I hope this served as encouragement to you!