Friday, February 22, 2013

Dear God

Dear God, I praise You for who You are:
My All in all, above all, nearby-- yet beyond the stars.
You’re not limited or clueless, the answers are in You.
My battles you have fought, while giving praise was all I had to do.

But this time is different…I cannot feel Your guiding hand
If You don’t intervene, I don’t know how much longer I will stand.
You see, on my heart I bear a burden; it is the size of a dear friend.
No, my friend is not the burden; it’s the way she’s struggling.

My friend is beaten, weary, and confused.
 I’ve tried to help her and make you shine through.
But honestly I’ve only grieved her more and increased her doubts
I wanted to say the right words, but they didn’t come out.

So right now I ask for me to get out of the way and You to enter in
Please encourage my dear friend and help her to believe again.
Open her heart to grow in faith and hope and love
Because lately she has lost faith and hope in all of the above.

I know You see her with a set of eyes that are divine,
So if I’m hurting from what I’m seeing, I know You are not blind.
No, You see and count her every tear of pain
And every broken prayer is not uttered in vain.

She says she’s failed again and wonders if You see her trying
Please remind her that it’s in her that Your Spirit is abiding.
She thinks her burdens are her own to bear…
But You clearly urged her to cast on You all her cares.

Leaning on Your understanding is her prayer of late,
But she just can’t fathom why You don’t seem to cooperate.
She feels as if You answer prayers and put stars and rainbows in the sky
Not for her, but for better, more worthy girls and guys.

However, deep inside she knows this is not the least bit true,
But the lies and insensitive words she keeps hearing are louder than You.
She knows You and wants to believe You care
But with her being one of billions, she fears You don’t, and then despairs.

This friend of mine is not opening up because she thinks she’s all alone
Please help her to spread her troubles out before Your gracious throne.
Thank You that Your mercy toward her endures forever,
Even if right now she cannot see happily ever after.

I want to help my friend and give her all the answers,
But I surrender her to You because You are the One who paid her ransom.
You are the One who bled for her, and won’t let any pluck her out of your hands.
You are the One waiting for her, never forsaking her, You are the Son of Man.

Even if her spiritual eyes can see Your plans too dimly,
Remind her that You have given her living water to drink freely.
Nudge and soften her to relinquish to You her will and her heart
Because You’ll work things together for good to bring her out of the dark.

I ask all this in Jesus’ name as I hear You knocking on her heart’s door
Of course, You knew already that it’s me I’m praying for.

by Tanya Vasilik