Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm taking a Sociology course online this semester. We have to participate in discussions all the time and I was praying about what to say for the "deviance" subject, and I thought I would share with you guys.  Let's just say that I got a bunch of responses!

The question:
Consider what it means that we are all or have all been deviant. Can you recall a time when you committed a deviant (not necessarily criminal!) act? You don't necessarily have to share it with your group, but consider how you felt about your deviant act. Were you aware of it being deviant at the time, or was it something that was appropriate given the group or social context you were in? How do you think others viewed your act of deviance? Do you think people would have a different opinion about you if they knew about this act?

My post:
I noticed that many (not all) of us are sharing stories of things they regret, defining deviant behavior as actions labeled as "bad" or "wrong".