Monday, April 15, 2013

Tribulation, not Isolation

Going through a rough patch? We have all been there- publicly and privately.

Walking with God through the garden,
 beauty surrounds you, 
your hand in His,
 the dewy ground beneath you is soft and the air is cool.

 Possibly some time passes and you feel different... 
This may occur slowly without your notice or quickly- 
the ground seems dry, 
the grass withered, 
you no longer feel the grasp of God's hand in yours.

 Why did your beautiful walk in the garden come to a halt? You think... "Why?"
Why am I in the desert? Why is it so hard? And most painfully: Why did God leave me?  
Dear brother and sister, He has not left you. He may have let go of your hand, but His is right there watching over you. A trial does not equal disconnection from our Father. Hold onto the promise "I will never leave you nor forsake you.". When you are in Christ, you are in Christ. Simple. 
So remember: tribulation is not isolation.