Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Date-less Distress (For All the Single Ladies and Guys)

To be single.
For some, that is a distressing thought. For many I have met, to be single means to be missing something (namely, their "second half"). Everyday I see young men and women in this world searching for a soul mate. They desire to undergo the transition from single to pair, and they want it NOW!
I believe we as humans are fashioned beautifully. God has made us as creatures who desire a significant other. We dream of that one person who will complete our soul by fitting their heart perfectly into the ragged edges of our heart. It is not good for man or woman to be alone.
So then the question comes to timing.
What if it is not our time to be searching for our other half? What if there lays a treasure before us, waiting to be opened? The treasure of singleness is not made to be ignored, pushed aside or treated with contempt. In it we can find the gold of time, the gem of ministry, the sapphire of serving and the crown of intimacy with Christ.
Careful, lest we look past this treasure and gaze too much into the horizon. That other treasure will be given to us at the right time.

So I do not know about you, but I'm taking hold of the treasure before me. When Uncle Fedya calls and instead of engaging in small talk (like normal people), asks if I am engaged; or when someone asks if I have a boyfriend, I will not be discouraged in my singleness!
Let the haters hate and the babas gossip, I'm single and content where I am in this season of life. How about you?


-Diana, 19, date-less and not in distress.