Friday, September 7, 2012

The Adventures of Dee in Nursing School

Do you not love that feeling of fresh ball point pens and highlighters? The feel of opening that new pack of index cards?! I DO! The next two years are going to be rough, but as long as I find joy in the little things, I'll get through it. Today was our first "clinical", not yet in the hospital (we have no idea what we are doing). We had time to practice basic skills such as checking and listening for pulse, blood pressure, checking temperatures and donning sterile gloves. I was serious when I said we are clueless. I will always remember the moment when the poor lady got the poor thermometer probe stuck in the rectum of the poor dummy hiney. Hey, last I heard, apparently you learn from mistakes. So better make mistakes now and not get probes stuck in people's hineys later.

PS: I'm having so much fun :)