Thursday, June 30, 2011

Psalm 123:1

Here I'm just working with shadows and some eyeball modeling :) I'm honestly not sure what made me do this but may all things be done for the glory of God so all praise to Him!
I was actually not sure if I wanted to put this up but I did anyways just so I could look back one day and reflect on it...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It was a cloudy day so it was the perfect day to start the whole "#3) Clean drawers and closet" thing on my To-Do list. I have photo proof in case you are a visual learner:

Before: Scattered and unorganized mess...
After: YAY.
I was so into it that I even vacuumed the bottoms of the drawers! That's just pure dedication.
Today I found out that Tanya and I really are sisters, we both have O+ blood types :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding+Family+Friends=The Weekend

I have a lot of fun editing and trying new things with photos so I will share this past weekend with you! :)

Pushok, midair, acting particularly viscous after a bath.
Bride and groom... The classic black and white photo.
Large elephant gracefully picking up an Arabian princess.
(Doesn't the tree look like an elephant?)
I think I'm seeing things.
A dazzling wood nymph in a glorious robe just strolling through the woods...
The gracious and kind wood nymph cousin.... The holder of the umbrella. (and breaker of the umbrella) :P
The lumberjack on swing she made by hand.
 Princess and Prince surrounded by adoring peasants :)
I love them! :)

I got carried away... ok. But every photo has a story to tell so I had to share what I saw :) Today I really wanted to hang out with the girls but I ended up being bummed out at home because I had to do trucking stuff for my dad... So I cleaned and here I am, being a weirdo writing in a blog. Thanks for reading, world. :)

Summer To Do List 2011

I was feeling enthusiastic and made a to do list for this summer :) I make this list every summer and I usually achieve most of it... but now that it shall be posted for all my friends to see I will try even harder to accomplish my goals!
 HaHa :P >>

So here it is:
1.) Write Ruslan a letter 
    I feel good that I did this already. This is my second letter to him and I'm praying that he writes back. If you want to write to him (even if you are a stranger to him) I would love to give you his mailing address, I can't imagine how lonely he is so any small letter sent to him would be really amazing.
2.) Visit Ruslan
3.) Clean my drawers and closet
   I'm waiting for a rainy day so I can have fun with loud music and throwing old stuff away :)
4.) Sell fan on Craigslist
   Working on it! Hopefully it will be sold by this weekend cuz a lady replied!
5.) Sell bridesmaid dresses
   We have almost a closet full :P Come on! We must get rid of them, and if you want me to sell your dresses I'll do it for you with no problem, just let me know :)
6.) Do baptism
7.) Communicate with Lera while she's in Ukraine
8.) Return library books
   I really need to start returning my high school books which I technically never checked out
9.) Read lots of books
    I hope to read new books, any suggestions? I may even re-read the Mark of the Lion series which I LOVE. :) :) 
10.) Go to Florida
   Oh what a hassle :P 
11.) Get a boyfriend.
    Just Kidding.
12.)  Donate money to Mexico every month
    I encourage you to do so also! 
13.) Actually do things on to do list

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Way

As I'm waiting for a fax from a trucking company, I'm listening to this touching song by Jeremy Camp! It's one of Tanya's fav music videos so I'm hooked on it too :) I put it on really loud cuz it's thundering and lighting outside and Pushok is afraid like a little wimp so the music is drowning out all the scary loud thunder. I love this weather!! I want to take a run outside! Ok I need to chill cuz I had coffee so I think the caffeine got to me. Chill Dee. Phew. Yeah so check out this video it's creative!
Fun Fact: Check out the video at 2:38 HAHAHA!! So cute and funny!!
Fun Fact: The average person who buys coffee outside the office to consume at work will spend the equivalent value of a round trip plane ticket to Florida every year.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Amazed

I finished the book "Heaven is for Real" today and since the book is about a little boy who visited heaven, they mention Akiane, a child who also had visions of heaven, but what is different about this little girl is that she has a God given talent to paint... a child-prodigy. One of the best artists of all time if I do say so myself because she has such inspiration!  And if you look at her gallery you see year by year how much she improves and how complex her work becomes, it just touches my heart because she is still humble.
And since I really like her work, I'll show you my favorites:
The Prince of Peace
Infinite Perspective
Mother's Love
The Angel
Father Forgive Them
Check out the gallery:

So this is what I find amazing, maybe it's just me, I'm not sure.
I'm off to bed :o)

Heaven is for Real

I started reading this book and I simply cannot put it down, not only does it show the innocence of a child but the glory of God and His love through His Son (who REALLY loves the children)! You just have to read it.
I have always been fascinated by the power of childlike faith, and constantly pray that I become like a child in my faith in Jesus. Weak in power, honest, trusting my Father, running to Him when afraid, having no doubts or worries, simply loving the simple things in life. Read this book after you read "Crazy Love" :)
Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo (a best seller by the way!) :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


When you look out the window, look past your reflection and meditate upon God's creation and His righteous glory. -Dee

Monday, June 20, 2011


One's sister is part of one's essential self, an eternal presence of one's heart, soul and memory.~Susan Cabil

"A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him, I may think aloud."  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photo Update

This is the crew, minus Dee.
The view of the sun about to set as we walked on the pier.
An example of the breakfast we ate, we took turns to cook and clean and I loved it. For me I loved doing laundry with our own cute little washer/dryer, I was obsessed, haha!
The hot tub, we had lots of fun in that thing!
Tanya and I. Olga took this picture, good job Olga your a great photographer! Lol

Update: I'm working the Jazz Fest with Nat this week, today will be our last day, and we are going to a wedding on Saturday (Galina), first one this summer, so I'm elated! Oh from Bravo award night, I got three more scholarships! Praise God! He's so good to me! Total scholarship winnings this year: $8,100 *gasp* wow, that's nicee! Good thing, because we bought a car 2 days ago for me! Toyota Corolla :) Lol I can see that my mom is eyeing it, she is probably wanting to take it for herself, haha no way mama!  I'm out, see ya :)


This is a silly video I found in my camera... Haha! This video was taken at my house I think on a Wendsday night after choir, not really sure, but it feels like it was from so long ago. I love your speech Lassie! :) Haha!! :) :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Almost Ending Vacation

Today is the last day of vacation... The food has been rapidly disappearing, and I think it's pretty awesome how we bought the perfect amount of groceries! No leftovers, yet no hunger pains. I personally love cooking and just using the things that I have on hand, in other words improvising with my ingredients. I thought it was funny how Olga was so grossed out that I was using ranch to make a sandwich but then after she tasted it, she loved it. Yeah don't doubt ranch...ever.
Today we were in the ocean and after about 20 minutes, we see this big wave... and about five stingrays riding it, towards us. We RAN for our lives... Lol the wave covered us and we freaked out, scariest moment of my life I think. I mean they were swimming towards us, gracefully and quickly. SO SCARY!!  We are okay, other than Olga drowning me, so no one was hurt.. I learned that those stingrays are called butterfly stingrays and are harmless. Thank God!
Tomorrow we are leaving the beach to Luda's house and then going to Yevchik's church in the afternoon, I love him and can't wait to see if it has changed since the last time I was there a year ago.
I'll see ya later, we are going to get ice cream now :) Lol we are fatties.
Ew I was looking at stingray pictures to post and got freaked out so I'll post something postive.
This represents Luda, Tanya and I. (From left to right) hehe.
Thanks for reading :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Crazy Love

I just want to quickly share about the book I've been reading and I highly recommend you read it also! You have no idea... within the two days I have been reading it, my perspective has been changing so much! God is beyond words, just awesome, and this book helps you put that back into perspective and act on it.

It's called Crazy Love by Francis Chan. And it's cool how in the book you get to look up the videos on the internet that go along with it! If you want to see what it's all about go to the website and check it out :) Please!

Update: Having fun, going parasailing this morning, sitting on bed smelling Natalya and Tanya make breakfast of eggs and waffles, yummy! Planning on eating at Chick-fil-a today, held a shark, walked on pier, went crazy on lazy "pool", love this hotel, loving my book :) and much more. And I miss my dog so far. Haha really! Don't really miss much else, please don't take offense, I'm just being honest :P

Monday, June 6, 2011

Starting Vacation

Good morning! Guess where I am? Yes, Myrtle Beach. What a wonderful vacation I am having... And what a loser I am to be blogging during this time... haha, I am what I am.
Dee's Fun Fact- I'm an early bird.
I don't want to sleep my time away, my friend Lesya and I share this quality :)
I'm up on the balcony right now, listening to the crashing of the waves. God is so good.
We have had so much things happen, I probably would not be able to sum it up. Overall this is amazing because this time we have is so free and it feels so different from all other vacations because there are no parents.
We were cool yesterday and bought groceries because each of us has an assigned day to cook dinner. It's quite exciting!
With me is Tanya, Natalya, Olga and Luda. Olga is the oldest so she is the most chill and I guess you can call that "mature" or something like that. The combination of Luda, Tanya and I is a threefold of hyper, we can't help it because we have to make up for all the missed fun throughout the time we don't interact with her since she lives in Charlotte, NC. Natalya is the same, being herself, love her.
Well I can't stand sitting around so I'm going to go try to do something productive.
Bye Bye :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's 11:42 pm and here I am, in my dark basement.
I should be doing other things, but I started to read over some of my older posts. Wow having a blog is fun! I will make this blog a book one day and keep it in my book shelf, if your a fellow blogger you would understand the feeling of re-reading what you wrote and smiling at the memory :)
And I just have to mention something quite important.

Dee's Fun Fact: I love mangoes.
I remember the first time I heard about a mango, I was probably 6 years old and Mama bought us the movie "Paulie". Paulie was a parrot and his favorite food was mango, therefore from that moment on my favorite fruit officially became the mysterious mango. Now that I am more informed in fruit, and have actually tasted it, I love it. It's so yummy, juicy, sweet yet tart and good. Ah the blissful mango, how I love thee. Good night world, I am now going to try to paint my toes a scandalous shade of blue. Oh the horror! Yay!

It's Official!

Today is OFFICIALLY MY LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL! Praise God! I've been looking forward to this day for thirteen years. I had a presentation that went very well, pretty amazing actually and I'm giving God all the glory! Thank you!
For the past few hours I have been doing trucking stuff for my parents. Let's just say I do not want to have to do anything with trucking in the future. I do not enjoy it at all!! Papers, faxes, phones, white-out, post-its, pens...EW!
I'm ready to get outta here.
Roadtrip! :D

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One of my Fav Posts :)

I just wanted to share a link to one of my friend's posts... It's one of my favorites, and I really don't know why! Would it be okay if I copied you sometime in the future? I love this song by Laura Story and the pictures that go along with it just touch my heart! :)
Here is the link:

and life goes on...