Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wedding+Family+Friends=The Weekend

I have a lot of fun editing and trying new things with photos so I will share this past weekend with you! :)

Pushok, midair, acting particularly viscous after a bath.
Bride and groom... The classic black and white photo.
Large elephant gracefully picking up an Arabian princess.
(Doesn't the tree look like an elephant?)
I think I'm seeing things.
A dazzling wood nymph in a glorious robe just strolling through the woods...
The gracious and kind wood nymph cousin.... The holder of the umbrella. (and breaker of the umbrella) :P
The lumberjack on swing she made by hand.
 Princess and Prince surrounded by adoring peasants :)
I love them! :)

I got carried away... ok. But every photo has a story to tell so I had to share what I saw :) Today I really wanted to hang out with the girls but I ended up being bummed out at home because I had to do trucking stuff for my dad... So I cleaned and here I am, being a weirdo writing in a blog. Thanks for reading, world. :)