Friday, June 24, 2011

The Way

As I'm waiting for a fax from a trucking company, I'm listening to this touching song by Jeremy Camp! It's one of Tanya's fav music videos so I'm hooked on it too :) I put it on really loud cuz it's thundering and lighting outside and Pushok is afraid like a little wimp so the music is drowning out all the scary loud thunder. I love this weather!! I want to take a run outside! Ok I need to chill cuz I had coffee so I think the caffeine got to me. Chill Dee. Phew. Yeah so check out this video it's creative!
Fun Fact: Check out the video at 2:38 HAHAHA!! So cute and funny!!
Fun Fact: The average person who buys coffee outside the office to consume at work will spend the equivalent value of a round trip plane ticket to Florida every year.