Saturday, June 11, 2011

Almost Ending Vacation

Today is the last day of vacation... The food has been rapidly disappearing, and I think it's pretty awesome how we bought the perfect amount of groceries! No leftovers, yet no hunger pains. I personally love cooking and just using the things that I have on hand, in other words improvising with my ingredients. I thought it was funny how Olga was so grossed out that I was using ranch to make a sandwich but then after she tasted it, she loved it. Yeah don't doubt ranch...ever.
Today we were in the ocean and after about 20 minutes, we see this big wave... and about five stingrays riding it, towards us. We RAN for our lives... Lol the wave covered us and we freaked out, scariest moment of my life I think. I mean they were swimming towards us, gracefully and quickly. SO SCARY!!  We are okay, other than Olga drowning me, so no one was hurt.. I learned that those stingrays are called butterfly stingrays and are harmless. Thank God!
Tomorrow we are leaving the beach to Luda's house and then going to Yevchik's church in the afternoon, I love him and can't wait to see if it has changed since the last time I was there a year ago.
I'll see ya later, we are going to get ice cream now :) Lol we are fatties.
Ew I was looking at stingray pictures to post and got freaked out so I'll post something postive.
This represents Luda, Tanya and I. (From left to right) hehe.
Thanks for reading :)