Monday, June 6, 2011

Starting Vacation

Good morning! Guess where I am? Yes, Myrtle Beach. What a wonderful vacation I am having... And what a loser I am to be blogging during this time... haha, I am what I am.
Dee's Fun Fact- I'm an early bird.
I don't want to sleep my time away, my friend Lesya and I share this quality :)
I'm up on the balcony right now, listening to the crashing of the waves. God is so good.
We have had so much things happen, I probably would not be able to sum it up. Overall this is amazing because this time we have is so free and it feels so different from all other vacations because there are no parents.
We were cool yesterday and bought groceries because each of us has an assigned day to cook dinner. It's quite exciting!
With me is Tanya, Natalya, Olga and Luda. Olga is the oldest so she is the most chill and I guess you can call that "mature" or something like that. The combination of Luda, Tanya and I is a threefold of hyper, we can't help it because we have to make up for all the missed fun throughout the time we don't interact with her since she lives in Charlotte, NC. Natalya is the same, being herself, love her.
Well I can't stand sitting around so I'm going to go try to do something productive.
Bye Bye :)