Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer To Do List 2011

I was feeling enthusiastic and made a to do list for this summer :) I make this list every summer and I usually achieve most of it... but now that it shall be posted for all my friends to see I will try even harder to accomplish my goals!
 HaHa :P >>

So here it is:
1.) Write Ruslan a letter 
    I feel good that I did this already. This is my second letter to him and I'm praying that he writes back. If you want to write to him (even if you are a stranger to him) I would love to give you his mailing address, I can't imagine how lonely he is so any small letter sent to him would be really amazing.
2.) Visit Ruslan
3.) Clean my drawers and closet
   I'm waiting for a rainy day so I can have fun with loud music and throwing old stuff away :)
4.) Sell fan on Craigslist
   Working on it! Hopefully it will be sold by this weekend cuz a lady replied!
5.) Sell bridesmaid dresses
   We have almost a closet full :P Come on! We must get rid of them, and if you want me to sell your dresses I'll do it for you with no problem, just let me know :)
6.) Do baptism
7.) Communicate with Lera while she's in Ukraine
8.) Return library books
   I really need to start returning my high school books which I technically never checked out
9.) Read lots of books
    I hope to read new books, any suggestions? I may even re-read the Mark of the Lion series which I LOVE. :) :) 
10.) Go to Florida
   Oh what a hassle :P 
11.) Get a boyfriend.
    Just Kidding.
12.)  Donate money to Mexico every month
    I encourage you to do so also! 
13.) Actually do things on to do list