Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photo Update

This is the crew, minus Dee.
The view of the sun about to set as we walked on the pier.
An example of the breakfast we ate, we took turns to cook and clean and I loved it. For me I loved doing laundry with our own cute little washer/dryer, I was obsessed, haha!
The hot tub, we had lots of fun in that thing!
Tanya and I. Olga took this picture, good job Olga your a great photographer! Lol

Update: I'm working the Jazz Fest with Nat this week, today will be our last day, and we are going to a wedding on Saturday (Galina), first one this summer, so I'm elated! Oh from Bravo award night, I got three more scholarships! Praise God! He's so good to me! Total scholarship winnings this year: $8,100 *gasp* wow, that's nicee! Good thing, because we bought a car 2 days ago for me! Toyota Corolla :) Lol I can see that my mom is eyeing it, she is probably wanting to take it for herself, haha no way mama!  I'm out, see ya :)