Thursday, June 2, 2011


It's 11:42 pm and here I am, in my dark basement.
I should be doing other things, but I started to read over some of my older posts. Wow having a blog is fun! I will make this blog a book one day and keep it in my book shelf, if your a fellow blogger you would understand the feeling of re-reading what you wrote and smiling at the memory :)
And I just have to mention something quite important.

Dee's Fun Fact: I love mangoes.
I remember the first time I heard about a mango, I was probably 6 years old and Mama bought us the movie "Paulie". Paulie was a parrot and his favorite food was mango, therefore from that moment on my favorite fruit officially became the mysterious mango. Now that I am more informed in fruit, and have actually tasted it, I love it. It's so yummy, juicy, sweet yet tart and good. Ah the blissful mango, how I love thee. Good night world, I am now going to try to paint my toes a scandalous shade of blue. Oh the horror! Yay!