Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week One of Bible School

It is hard to believe that my first week of Bible School has already come to an end! We spent the week listening to lectures about the formation of a spiritual worker- nothing new, yet always a good reminder. So much energy goes into keeping up with the school schedule. We seem to always have something to do! One thing I absolutely love are the morning prayers we have. No better way to start my day! Every day we also have a schedule to follow in reading our Bibles and it's really fun for some reason. My roommate, Lesya and I have been having FUN for sure. Such activities include: running over a raccoon, going for jogs, eating dates, skyping, calling our mothers, exercising, reading the Bible aloud, breaking curfew, getting yelled at for not eating at home, car situations, and much more. What a blessed week I have had! God bless y'all.
PS: Guess what? I was nominated to be Class Pastor. How weird! Lol I was telling my classmates that I'd rather be Vice President or First Lady, let a man do that important stuff :P.
Oh yeah... Miss you all my dear friends :) Continue praying for us.