Thursday, September 19, 2013

Within My Heart a Garden Grows

Within my heart a garden grows.
Wild with violets and fragrant rose.
Bright daffodils line the narrow path.
My footsteps silent as I pass.
Sweet tulips nod their heads in rest.
I kneel in prayer to seek God's best.
For round my garden a fence stands firm.
To guard my heart so I can learn
Who should enter and who should wait
On the other side of my locked gate.
I clasp the key around my neck
And wonder if the time is yet.
If I unlocked the gate today
Would he come in or run away?
I do not want to hold this key
Lord, will You keep it safe for me?
Then when he comes
If he's the one
You'll unlock the gate
Until then, I'll wait.

-From the Cristy Miller series