Saturday, April 14, 2012


Here are a few pictures from our youth gathering yesterday. Youth from North Carolina were guests at our Friday church service. Olga V made this cake above. She just whipped it up in no time. Bravo! You can find her blog by clicking here

Just me, you can call me Commander in Chief. The Zuppa Toscana pot was huge and I couldn't reach it without standing on a chair! By the way if you are interested in the recipe, you can find it here. I added bacon to the recipe and Mr. Dash seasoning (Italian Medley)

Beautiful fruit arranged by our lovely girls.

And what's a kitchen without awesome helpers?
Solomiya and Julie were the official potato mashers. Don't mess with these girls!

And Dima, the official taste tester. He is good at his job.

And now... Wrapping up spring break. Back to reality. Can't wait for this semester to end!

PS: Props to Julie P for the photography.