Monday, April 23, 2012

Summit Trip 2012

It feels interesting to blog about this trip because last year I posted about it... Read what happened by clicking here: Mt. Zion Trip 2011
Haha reading over it is quite interesting. Last year we took the bus, so this year felt different because we were all in separate cars. Anyway, I loved how the graduation ceremony was anointed by God... The charge was given as if the graduating students were soldiers going out into the war zone. It was beautiful. One quote I wrote down: "No reserves. No retreat. No regrets." I also don't want to forget how the power of God fell down on that place as we sang worship, especially during the song Your Great Name. After the ceremony we snacked on cucumber water, lemonade and gummies. Speaking of food, we went to Red Robin's afterward for lunch and filled ourselves with amazing garlic fries. They were unlimited. Let's just keep it at that.

 I only have this one picture... But I have a pending video on youtube that I will share with y'all once it's approved :)
Ta Ta for now!

Here is the video:
 PS: don't mind the man stretching... lol