Monday, May 2, 2011

Mt. Zion Trip

What a weekend! I love how spending hours and hours with certain people on a bus can shape your friendships to a great extent! I'm not going to describe the trip in order... I'm just going to blab about random things.
The graduation was great! The location seemed like a little piece of heaven... so full of nature and beauty. I love that. The worship was phenomenal, and in the middle of the ceremony we had a moment of silence for David Wilkerson. It lasted a whole minute... Let's just say that was the longest minute of my life. I think I was probably bright red and looked extremely weird because I was holding my breath to keep from exploding... It was great! Haha because there was a snoring baby that was really loud, and you know my sister and I, we are just a silly pair. So we tried so hard not to laugh, and I think we did pretty good so no one really heard us cracking up. I felt like God should have struck us down for our disrespect until I looked over at Dima, and he himself was trying to contain his laughter. I think everyone within a few foot radius was doing the same.
Haha another thing, there was this REALLY really cute guy from the school and we just happened to be taking pictures together and he was there with his voluminous golden locks of hair and blue eyes and high cheek bones, oh boy. He kneeled right by Tanya and I and she exclaimed quite loudly "toy holpis iz clasnami volasi tut prishov!" (that kid with the cool hair is here!) It was hilarious because I'm pretty sure he is a fellow Ukrainian. How embarrasing! Cute story for their future wedding. LOL. (Please become my brother in law, whoever you are!!)
Continuing, I was pretty full of thought about how girls thrive on details. I don't know but it seems like we tend to over think things a lot of times, and over analyze people's behaviors. It was not bothering me that girls are like that, I was just left thinking.. Would I last a week with these girls on a trip? I was doubting it. Then I finally understood that though I may be different in some ways, I'm the same. We like talking about hair and comparing what color bras we had on and our nail polish. I love that about girls!
Anyway by the end of the trip I was able to give our fellow bus driver some girl advice. Who woulda thought? Yup. Lol! So that is summing up the trip. I will forever remember it :) Now especially because it is written down! Thank you for reading :)