Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tuesday- Last Night

Yesterday was Andriy's Birthday, apparently he turned "20" but that's obviously not true. I think he turned nineteen. Anyway we went to Sakura Home, YUMMY! It was Chinese food, and we had hibachi which was way too much food but was yummy. Yo, it was good. Haha.

 It was quite classy looking inside, as you can see. You know how Chinese people eat on the floor sometimes? There was a room where you could pretend you were doing that, it had cushions on the ground and everything! Paul said it was a scam though cuz there was a hole to put your feet in at the bottom.

This is Natalya and I. She's my BFFAE! (Best friend forever and ever) Hehe! I love her.

Here is Inna. She "made this cake". She told me to say that, but we all know what quotation marks mean... haha! She is a great role model, as a cousin, friend, and nurse.

This is Inna's little tea table full of sweets. I adore the flowers! I'm just a flower lover in all ways, unless a bug is crawling all over it. Even then, I will ponder the beauty of the flower from a distance! Great job Innachka, hazayka. Anyway, I added little "reaction" things to my blog, so click away about what you think, it's anonymous so I'll man up if you click bored, I'll cry only a little. Promise. :) Oh yeah today I had an interview for a 5K scholarship, it was very... Well, I'm not sure how to describe it, I just would be very grateful if I won cuz Dee needs a car, and I promised God I would donate some. Haha! If only I were kidding. 5 week count down still taking place, can't wait.
And so, life goes on.