Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Week

The newest thing that's been going on with my life is being sick :/ I worked more than thirty hours over the weekend with Natalya, and I then I realized I was really sick when I woke up on Monday morning. (Aw my mom is so nice she just came in and gave me V8 splash with mango. I can hardly taste it cuz my nose is stuffed but she's so nice!)
Oh man Monday was a crazy day... My partners and I had a 25 min presentation and I forced myself to go to school... I fell asleep on the bus and drowsily went to class in Brockport, so I really didn't look over what I had to present at all but I walked into class and  was shocked to see my partners are already up front practicing. I quickly wiped my nose and went up front and when the next slide came up, it was my turn. I just looked at it. And then went out of the room to burst into tears. Yes, me! This is embarrassing but I'm sharing it anyway. My partners who are also my closest friends in my class came to find out what was wrong and they really helped me by talking to me and by making me laugh. I love them! Yeah I felt horrible because my head was pounding and I was having trouble making my voice loud, but we ended up doing really well on the presentation, Praise God!
Moving on, today is my Nursing Orientation at MCC which I'm really happy that Dasha is in it with me. Dasha is an awesome friend that is totally silly but mature at the same time. She's a really awesome girl, and I have so much to look forward to in the next three years.
Oh yeah and I have won three scholarships so far, God is good because He just pours out His blessings when You ask Him and trust Him!
I'm out, thanks for reading! :)