Thursday, May 5, 2011

Family Fun

I just had a great night! First of all, it's national prayer day... and I skipped prayer! It's okay though, I got to have a ton of fun with my family, it was really a learning experience. And I can catch up with prayer in my personal prayer closet time :) Kids are so hard to handle. I don't know how some people raise little angels, it must be some kind of secret potion. Sadly, as a minor in child care abilities, I took it the easy way out... Movies and candy if your good. What did people do before these things were invented?
Parents: "Kids, let's go farm and I'll give you produce if your good!"
Kids: "YAY!"Uhh... Anyway... moving on... We watched Tangled, and I probably enjoyed it more than them. Best move ever. You know how after kids sit for 90 minutes straight, they have a strange yet undeniable urge to run in circles? Well, I saw pure proof of that today. And since I am an honest person, I will confess that I was the first one to jump out my desk chair and start "jumping" to this song (let's call it jumping for now):

Come on! And since I am a honest person (again I will confess)... We probably jumped to this song in circles for about 8 entire minutes, until Victoria had cramps. That image just mades me crack up. No, I am not laughing at the pain of a child! So that's that, I'm off the memorize my biology definitions. Night!