Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Week In Photos

I gave Pushok a bath.

Inna, Lesya, Natalya and I visited our friend Lesya, who was in a car accident and had a broken leg. I made these for her :) I love the girls who were there, and I'm glad we visited because I bet it gets lonely when you have a broken leg.

I was practicing my puppy face as I was getting ready for my scholarship interview... we shall see in few weeks if my puppy face won me some mulah.

The kids... What to say about them?... A picture says a million words I guess :P

This is my new friend Mr. Turtle. I found him in the backyard after my mom mowed the lawn. He's a miracle turtle! He's so small and not poisonous, because I googled him, and turtles cannot be poisonous, they can only be snapping turtles. Watch out readers, he's gonna snap ya!

Pushok was amazed by this little creature. He must have smelled weird. And who ever said turtles are slow? It's a misconception, it is not true. Dude, Mr Turtle moves fast like lighting.

Spring is so beautiful. I love the trees! It's a new beginning and it just amazes me!
So have a good day folks, I'm off to work :)