Wednesday, May 11, 2011

God Saves

Yesterday was Open Door mission and it was the most blessed time I have ever had there!
Captain was back! He is pretty much in charge of everything at Open Door but I have never met him in person. People keep quitting the kitchen job, so he was on duty. Thank God for men like him!
First of all, before we served the food we stood in a mini circle (Captain, Natalya, me, Alesya, Yura and Paul) and we prayed. This was the first time we prayed in the kitchen before serving, and guess what? We prayed after too. Captain also shared his testimony, he was one of the guys sitting in the seats, a homeless drug addict. After hearing the gospel at Open Door, Jesus saved him and he began a program to get off of the drugs and start serving the Lord. He said "If God can save me, the worst sinner, He can save anyone".
Recently, I feel like I have been backsliding... when was the last time I really read the Bible? It seems like after one day of me saying to myself "OK I'm not going to care today, I'm just gonna chill, relax and not do anything for God"- this was the lie of my flesh. Once you do that for one day, the next day you really feel even worse and think to yourself I'll just do the same thing today, one more day won't hurt.
Then a week later in this same position, digging my hole deeper and deeper, I look up and think to myself "What am I doing?" You'd think after so many years of following Christ, I'd have a smidget of wisdom, but no, I still fall, I still am so weak. But one thing I know resounds in my life: "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness". Yeah, I rock at the whole being weak thing, so God here I am; weak, You said Your strength will be perfected in my weakness, so do Your work.