Sunday, May 15, 2011

Stormy Weather

It's been stormy weather, leaving me vitamin D deprived and feeling a tad blue. I can't help it! So I decided to share with you the state of our weather this evening. By the way, I prob looked a bit odd running around outside in the rain, Sunday night, in my pajamas tucked into my dark long socks, camera in hand, snapping photos of random house accessories. Just be thankful that your not my neighbor. :P I'll leave it at that.

When it's windy out, I see this tree bending side to side, and from my bedroom window, I pray it won't fall on me. And then I peacefully fall back asleep, secretly loving the thrill. Wow I'm weird.
I left this photo unedited because I thought it looked pretty cool just the way it was.
When taking this photo, I thought to myself: "Why am I taking a picture of our driveway lights in the rain?" I couldn't think of a rational excuse to my behavior.
And life goes on. And, yes, I had to add this photo.