Monday, December 10, 2012


 "Go and announce to them that the Kingdom of Heaven is near." -Matthew 10:7

To go means to proceed, to be in motion, to rise up. Refusing to continue sitting in my comfort zone. To step out from my own desires and to GO. 

 Going to NYC has been a lesson to me about doing something for God's Kingdom. Sometimes when I'm there I think to myself "Am I doing anything of worth here?" This weekend I was contemplating that inward war wondering if this trip was a God-sent mission or just something I do to just do.  Then God sent us to a broken neighborhood.

    This is a house on that street. It is completely tipped over to the point where someone could climb into the basement from the outside. The house we were working on (2 houses down from this one) was flooded to the ceiling at one point during the storm. The house owner was naming off people who had passed away due to drowning or being swept away by a wave. At that point we could only listen to the nightmarish story. I knew at that moment that God not only sent us to help this family with their house, but to hear their story. We took a burden off them in many ways. I pray that this family comes to know the peace of Christ in their hearts, the light in the midst of utter darkness. Join me in prayer.