Tuesday, December 4, 2012

More About Sandy Relief Missions

Honestly, it's hard to believe that I have been able to take a total of 3 trips to NYC this past month. It is unbelievable that I am able to go during the semester while in nursing school and in a high level biology course. God has been making miracles, what can I say! Each trip has been so dear to my heart, I will forever remember the families we helped, the things I saw and the people I had the opportunity to become close friends with. It really has been an adventure.

Here is our team on Coney Island. We came into this Buddhist couples house mid-day. We started by removing everything from the 1st floor and throwing things out. Then we began to remove all the tile from the floor, let me tell you, that is super hard work. 1st timers were shocked that we were doing something so dangerous! I thought that was silly until I thought about it, it really is not safe because when you hit the tile, little pieces fly all over, it could easily hit someone in the eye and cause damage. God protects us when we are doing His work and being His hands and feet! Removing the tiled floor took most of the day. We also removed the bottom half of the wall if you can see it to the left. The flooding reached about 3 feet into the house, and mold could grow 2 feet above that, meaning we removed about 5 feet of dry wall.

Here I am doing my best to remove the tile. Let me tell you that medal pole thing is heavier than it looks!

It's been a blessing to visit these places. And I will keep encouraging everyone to go help out! There is SO much to be done. People are waiting, living in the mold, hoping someone would help. They can't afford moving into a safer home. What an opportunity to share God's love!!