Monday, January 21, 2013

Thousands of Voices

   As a young adult, she was responsible, helpful, caring, and softhearted. She was always in thought, open minded and understanding. The definition of a blessed young lady. Some knew her as a hard worker with great ambition. Some saw her as fun, friendly and energetic. Always very serious, but with a sense of humor. Many did not see her as a shy person, but if only they knew that downhearted, quiet, lonely teenager.

   Loving actions did not always work their power, but negative words from a harsh tongue never missed a chance in prevailing in her thoughts. These words began to consume her. Even though she acted as if everything was okay, she never complained, she never raised her voice, she took everything really close to heart. There in her soul she hid the hurt. It was locked inside. Almost a year had passed and nobody noticed the difference in her. And then one night a voice spoke, "You're not worth it. No one cares." And to think of it if no one cares... then what's the point. Right?

   Days passed and a plan arose.

   Scared but determined that this would solve everything she took whatever pills she saw in front of her and went to bed. Each night she took a larger and more lethal dose. She did not want to do it, but that voice was so convincing. She finally decided to just be done with it. The darkness of life was so miserable and hopeless.

  One evening as she crouched with a handful of pills and a glass of water, tears ran down her face. The truth of her disgusting actions seemed to mock her, pulling her deeper into depression. She looked up. Around the corner saw a face. It was human but scary with a nasty, evil grin on his shadowed face. It hit her... What is she doing? It does not have to end like this, it all ended years ago on the cross. She threw out the pills in a moments of broken victory and fled the room, sobbing.

   We face many struggles in life. But with prayer and faith God molds us into the people He wants us to be. It only takes time, courage and willingness to let go of yourself and welcome God to live in your heart, and let Him lead. The devil will keep trying to tell you lies, but He who died on the cross brings us truth, love and eternal life. Let the Lord teach us, amongst thousands of voices to only hear His.

By Alla Denisyuk