Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You Speak


Hold my breaking heart close
Hold on tight, keep it safe
Wrap me my Lord, in your precious embrace.

Hold on to me tight, Lord
My thoughts are so scattered
My heart is so weak, soon it will shatter.

I wait for an answer
Though none seems to be
But I know that you’re always holding on to me.

For what do I wait?
Is it worth it, my Lord?
Teach me to trust in your faithful Word.

I remember your promises
You have for me, a plan
I remember Abraham, the stars, and the sand.

I kneel in your presence
You tell me, “come sooner than late.”
So I come. I come and I wait.

I surrender my all
Though it hurts, and its hard
I lay down my life; my cares and the scars.

I know that you love me
And You know that I’m weak
I will be silent. Jesus- You speak.

Poem by Dasha Zhemkova.
I had to share this, it seems that I am having these exact thoughts and she beat me to writing them down. God bless you honey.