Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mess Up

Messing up really sucks sometimes. It's a horrible feeling. On Friday I was responsible to cook for 50 bible school students. Oh yes, I thought I had it all planned out. Ha! Let me tell you a secret... Potatoes scare me. They are ticking time bombs of potential messing-up-ness! But, I decided to face my fear and add potatoes in alfredo sauce to the menu, thinking; "Okay this is only for 50 people, I will just be really careful and not mess up on these potatoes." Guess what? I messed up. Alarmingly, I noticed that they were completely overcooked (those darn church stoves are beastly) and it was all my fault! The recipe was very specific in stating "do not overcook!". So... what to do? Throw out 20 pounds of potatoes? Preposterous. I can't do that. So, with advice from my best kitchen buddies- Lesya, Natalya, Dasha, and Liliya we decided to turn the pitiful mess into mashed potatoes. And this brings me to the conclusion- sometimes mess ups turn out to be not-so-messed-up. Maybe the dish did not look so delicate and shapely, but it was creamy and flavorful. Now, next time you make a mistake, blame someone else (haha) take a deep breath and look at the big picture- it will be alright.