Friday, July 19, 2013

SFG Bible School Weeks 3 and 4

I cannot believe how much time is flying by! So here is an update of what we have been up to and how we are doing here in our little own world called "SFG Bible School". Above is an awesome girl, Liliya Silkovska. She is one smart cookie.

Twice a week we have "Student Church". Pretty much one group (5 groups in all ) leads service. And it is always blessed and interesting. I love seeing people get out of their comfort zone and preach for their first time, or sing. It's a good atmosphere to start.

We sang an old hymn and my favorite line was "One in Himself, I cannot die, my soul is purchased by His blo-o-o-d, my life is hid with Christ on high, with Christ my Savior and my God."

This is our week 3 teacher and it was his birthday! He taught on evangelism.

Here is Lesya, presenting on the topic of Atheism. She is so funny, just look at everyone smiling! :)

Resting on the Word. Maybe just napping. Hehe.

Our group. From left to right Julie (NC), Dennis (TN), Vadim (OH), Liliya (MI), Rostik (OH), Ninja (OH), me (NY) and below us is Tim (OH) and Yaro (NY). I'm actually surprised at how close we have gotten.

Week 4 was different because we had different teachers come in everyday due to a teacher not being able to make it from Ukraine because of Visa issues. Pastor Olesh was an amazing teacher for a day, we are hoping he could substitute in for a teacher again!

Planning and voting on our t-shirt designs.

Our main administrator: Alex Sinyk. He said "I am not photo-hygenic" Lol he meant to say "photogenic". I have a feeling that he really really loves us. And he really loves to scare us.

I love this shot. We have so many talented students in our class. When we have alone time, you can catch students throughout the church (inside, outside, here and there and anywhere) reading the Bible, praying, napping, playing guitar/piano, working on sermons, practicing for church or just chillin. It is one of the best feelings to walk in on someone praying in a room (that sounds wrong, I mean it just makes me so happy to see us have a passion for the Lord). What a blessing it is to be here! 

In the end, this is what it comes to: Living IN CHRIST. It does not matter if someone is in Bible school, at home, at work... If we are in Christ, we are in the right place. We are secure, our Rock is steady and our joy is great because our Jesus is good.