Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Cards + Awesome Deal

Guess what? Tanya and I are sending out Christmas cards to family this year! We used and they have a huge array of different layouts... so much variety!

Here is one picture we took... Do we resemble each other at all? Strangers call us twins. But then again I have heard countless times that Tanya, Irene T and I are all sisters! Haha. People all have different perceptions I guess!

The day before we took the photo above, we went to the pond area at MCC.. Not exactly the "Christmas" feeling we were looking for though.

If you are interested in getting christmas cards done... I can help you :) Want 20 cards for 1.49 including shipping? I don't know how long this promo will last but this is what you do...
Sign up for a new account with SeeHere (or login to your existing account).
Create a 4×8 photo card and choose to purchase 20 copies.
Go to checkout and enter the promo code 25cards.
Your total should only be $1.49, including shipping.
I didn't use this website myself for these cards, but it's a reliable site, I have used it in the past! I still might buy these cards, I mean come on for less than 2 dollars, who can resist? I hope you take advantage of this deal :)