Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pre-Christmas Season

We put up our lights today! We went very simple this year... One color, white. We don't do the whole compete for the best lights in the neighborhood thing. Just now I printed a little coloring page for my Sunday school class tomorrow morning... Coloring contest here we come!

Haha well before Christmas really comes I want to remind myself to not get wrapped up in the Christmas stuff and forget Christ. I remember last year when I was so consumed in wrapping gifts, making food for dinner, collecting donations, making party favors for New Years... and the list goes on, that I was too busy to simply dwell on the reason for the season. It's so easy to get busy this time of year and forget! It's like I got so overwhelmed with my list of things to do that my spiritual life was lost in the background, like white noise.

 I am now learning how to master the art of taking on tasks... I have recently discussed with my CA ministry in college that when you say "yes" to a responsibility, you are really saying "no" to something else. When I say yes to practicing worship tomorrow morning, I'm saying no to sleep, I'm saying no to extra time in planning and praying for my Sunday school lesson. But it's okay sometimes! So with ending this year, I hope not to be consumed in "things to do", but to be consumed in fellowship with God, thanking Him for the greatest gift of all! And I wish the same for you as well!