Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Putting Up Cross in Buryatia, Russia 2012

I would really love to post more about Russia but I need some major down time to do that. So watch this video and you will feel like you were right there with us :) We were laughing at one point in the video because after Sergey's speech, he began walking in the wrong direction and someone said "Hе в ту сторону!"

 June 2nd, 2012 "I will never forget climbing the hill with the team, in Podlapatki. I had no idea that we were putting a cross on the hill. I got the change to nail in my first nail ever into the cross. Of course I failed horribly (shocker) and Tony had to help me. But as I was trying to nail in the nail I was imagining nailing my sins to the cross. My fears, doubts and burdens. It was a powerful and humbling experience." -Tanya