Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Time to Encompass

Words that encompass our trip to Russia:
Making every moment a yolo moment, eye-opening, becoming a family, love, miracles, hair flipping, "pray for me" face, Lake Baikal, pozi, ice cream, cookies, vafli, tea with cream, coffee and jam, smoked fish, the epic breaking bread picture, digging deep into the Word, journaling, Isabella, the power of God through prayer, the sound of a motorcycle, sleeping bags, the cross, Mia being thrown in the air, sharing Jorge, praying for Deanna, Awesome Guy Day, Night time story of Chuchilo, Jesus is my captain, bumpy roads, one amazing pastor, love story, never knowing the time, cute Asian looking ladies, writing songs, deep question time, splashing in the river, cows, ponchos, sliding down the stairs, wet wipes, buying plastic cups and bowls, relaxing on a log, the bear dog, those nineteen year olds, getting hit by lighting while holding princess umbrella, dancing at every moment, learning to chop like a pro, that one nap with the sound of rain hitting the tent sides, blowing up the banya, Dashenema drawing portrait of Dasha, Awesome Eddie day, fried potato breakfast, loosing the abtechka, eating a banana, Katya weeping her goodbyes one day and then coming back the next day to weep some more, "Ya Mami roskashu", writing "Redeemed" on church wall, that wedding song on the piano, Guysiki song, shopping, first impression discussion, guys throwing rocks all the time, talking to village girls, little Galya's face while she danced to our songs, Vlad's laugh, Anna eating, the hook up, our huddle after street evangelism, pretending Tolik was a rock star in Moscow, Valentine always encouraging us, the music video, mutant mosquitoes, giving away our clothes, Tay-Tay, doing interviews, always sharing, there was never a dull moment! ...             

These words and phrases may seem strange to you but each one has a story behind it. You have permission to ask questions if you are curious.