Tuesday, July 24, 2012

That One Girl

That one girl is the girl I met on our trip to Buryatia and she renamed my pillow pet without my consent.
She's the one I can stay up with till four in the morning. 
She's the one that laughs at all my dumb jokes. 
She's the one that would sing you a lullaby to sleep.
 She's the one to eat jam and bread with in dark closets even though there is a light switch. 
She's the one that will cook up a storm.
 She's the one that is so beautiful but she won't believe you.
 She's the one that I can make up raps with in a squished car with boxes falling on our heads. 
She's the one you can quietly listen to music together with.
 She's the one I would drive 3 hours to and not even care.
 She's the one I learned to chop (like a pro) with. 
She's the one to pray and study the Word with.
She's the one to teach you amazing Russian songs that you have never heard before. 
She's the girl who deserves an amazing man. 
She's just that girl that I can connect with and I see us in the future never loosing touch no matter if we are married or not. 
She's the girl who has the same dream as I.

That one girl is Mia.