Friday, May 24, 2013

I Was Wrong

I was wrong. My prayer was: "Lord help me be better, I want to be more like You." That's wrong. I was hoping God would help me out over here. I tend to always mess up, so why not ask Him to fix me up?

 Instead I felt like I heard God laugh. It's like the story when the little kid and dad are moving the couch together, the dad, using his strength to push while the little boy "helps". The little boy stops and looks up to his dad saying "Daddy, you're in my way of pushing!" The father can't help but let a chuckle escape from his throat.

That's how God chuckled at me.

Why? Why was my prayer wrong? It sounds like a good prayer. But I was looking for God to fix ME. After falling foolishly  soon after I prayed that prayer, I saw my weakness and inability to move that heavy couch. I found out why I was so silly. God does not want to work with my "me". He would rather get rid of the "me" and replace that with His Son.

He doesn't want to fix up my old self, He wants to completely flip my life upside-down...abolishing "me".

There is no better version of me. There is no "me" when it comes to a relationship with Christ.

It is your choice. Live with your "me", or crucify your flesh and let Christ completely take over.