Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recap of Last Summer-2010

After talking to some friends about summer I just wanted to recap all the happenings that took place this summer with some extremely exciting photos.

 Summer started on a good foot... a picnic with close friends and fun pictures...
Of course we went on a little walk... or dare I say, adventure.

 Every year my family and I go on a vacation to Myrtle Beach. We spend our time swimming, building sand castles, walking along the beach and enjoying our relaxing trip. This here is Angel, my little cousin.
 Tanya and Luda being the weirdos that they are. I'll never forget this day!
The big storm hit the beach, but Nastya and I had no fear! We are on the left. We went into the ocean and tried to catch some waves until some crazy lifeguard ran over and screamed at us to exit the water immediately- you can see him running on the right.
  We are no sissies... We are made to be in water, even in our nice clothes.
Summer flew by and was coming to an end at our official youth camp at a gorgeous location on the lake. 
We spent our free time chillin. And hula-hooping, golfing, swimming, playing volleyball, making plays about the glue of life, attending seminars, praying, singing around the campfire and not getting much sleep.
We even had little games planned. Here is bunny Innachka jumping to victory!  

Last summer was not only a blast, it was a spiritual journey for me where I learned who I am and who my Creator is. I'm looking forward to more adventures this summer. Go 2011!