Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last Nights Thoughts

These are the thoughts that went through my head last night:

-I just read the book of Romans... all at once. God seems to be quite really awesome so I'll text my friend a passage about faith.
-As I was texting my friend, my phone almost died so I (with superhuman strength) lifted my bed mattress to reach my phone charger, so I could comfortably text while having my phone charge.
-I think to myself, "I'm clever!" and nod off.
-It's three am and someone sends me a picture of their haircut, I think to myself that I will reply... in the morning.
-I wake up feeling really cold, knowing I still have time to sleep.

 This is all really random. I'm honestly not sure why I would write it all down, but it makes me feel good to write it. Is that weird? Having a place to record my random thoughts is quite comforting!