Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Should I Feel Guilty?

I'm pretty weird. So I decided to write a post about things I want to fess up...

-I don't check out books at the library. I just take them.
-I watch the Ellen show almost everyday... and I laugh.
-I skipped church to hang out with a boy. (Oh my!)
-I also watch the Arthur show on PBS almost daily.
-I try to be mature but I still think I'm a little kid inside.
-Each month I check to see how much txt messages I sent out just to see how I'm doing.
-I hate cleaning but do it because my mom tells me to.
-I like the song "Gredade" by Bruno Mars.
-I got fired (aka "banned") from my ChaCha guide job.
-I still have Christmas candy from 2009. Eww...
-I'm into reading books.
-I worry about how I will do in college.
-I make a mess when I'm in the kitchen. ("Did a tornado come through here?")
-When I'm away from home I miss my dog more than my parents.
-Im trying to hook up my doggie with a girlfriend... He needs to have some babies.
-I like secretly blogging and not telling my friends that I have a blog.

So.. It is established: I'm human! I do things I'm not always proud of, but that's just Diana for ya.
I take part in the human nature... God saved me, but He still has work to do in me (not that all these things are "bad").
So those are my secrets that I don't tell anyone, much less the internet! So if your reading this you should be honored!