Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kentucky Weekend

What a weekend it was...

Fun starts in the bus. Have you ever noticed? Some of my favorite memories throughout the years have taken place within that bus of ours.

Nancy and I with Jorge. Nancy is my bus and van buddy :)

Dasha and I at the creation museum in Cincinnati, Ohio. The museum was inspiring (long story short!).

Our great great great great.... great...
grandparents. Introducing Adam and Eve. Eve was very pretty!

King David.
I love how everything looks so real. Yes, at some points I was creeped out by how real everything looked, It felt like we were transformed back into Bible times.

I'm not sure what I think about these creatures. (As in the snake not Paul and Andrey). Nevertheless, I attended the snake show. Just to experience it, from a distance. Not touching the snakes too much. Although I did touch some snakes and they felt purse-like. 

After the prayer we went Masha's house. She is such an awesome person! I had a blast meeting new people from all over and coming together to worship through song :) There is Evelyna on guitar and Piano-man. Two very talented people *wink Eyelyna* 

One thing I really remember was a quote from the Creation Museum:
Human reason says: "I think therefore, I am."
God's Word says: "I am that I am."
We have different views because of different starting points.

So this is my travel log.
Spencerport, NY --> Cincinatti, OH --> MiddleofNowhere, KY --> Columbus, OH --> Buffalo, NY --> Home Sweet Home.