Friday, February 10, 2012


Getting ready for a trip! Whoohoo! I haven't been on a road trip for quite a while it feels. Pocanos here we come!

This is my stuff I have prepared. It may seem like a messy pile of junk to you but do not be tricked! It is all very organized. Jorge is very excited as well, I think he is happy to join me*. He has a very exciting life if you ask me.

(*If you are confused, Jorge is my sheep PillowPet. He is very soft and loving and has a missing ear. This occured from a battle with the monster Pushok-zilla. Jorge has many hobbies which include singing, paper-mache, dancing, and doing magical things with his ear.)

I pray God blesses this trip. It is for His glory! I believe that good things will happen :) Ta-ta 'till Monday my loves!