Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gift Wrap

     I was driving home last night. I jumped when something flew into the road. It took a few seconds to process what I saw. Were my eyes seeing things? I don't know. That object that so suddenly flew into the road was torn gift wrap. The street lights hit the paper as it compulsively flew in random directions. The bright red paper gleamed. God whispered into my soul at that moment. "That is your body."
      That scarlet paper was once so beautiful. Yesterday it may have gleamed with a complementary silk ribbon . It could have been neatly folded and toiled over until arranged in perfection. Some gift wrap is glittery. Some is patterned, textured, plain, bright, thick or thin. Some use newspaper. Some spend precious hours perfecting it. In the end... It is just paper.
      When the time comes, it is removed. Be in a vivacious or gentle fashion, it is removed. It simply holds the gift. The real joy and anticipation is aimed towards the content of the package. The outside is crinkled and disposed of. Forgotten. 
     My swirling thoughts halted. "That is your body." My flesh is the temporary covering of my spirit. The day will come when I will enter the room where God opens the package of my being. Quickly forgotten will be the hours of my unnecessary toiling over my skin, hair, eyes and fashion. I will rejoice when my spirit will finally be unveiled from its covering. Inside me is nothing significant. Nevertheless the Lord will look on it with compassion and love, for it is His. Only through the blood of Christ. The wrapping will be a forgotten thought, left without purpose. Blowing in the wind. The soul will live on, forever.