Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pray for Us

Growing up, I remember people my age always talking about going on missionary trips. While others day dreamed of going to Africa to help starved kids, the idea horrified me. What if someone asks a question that I can't answer? What if God doesn't answer a prayer of healing? Those were some of the questions that bombarded my mind. That was when I decided... I will never go on a missionary trip. I will instead become a business woman and financially support the mission field! I envisioned myself in crisp business attire throwing money at churches, while obviously living comfortably myself. Fast forward to today. I chuckle at that image. I can now say that God not only changed my mind, He changed my heart and life. Praise Him! In three days a team of ten people from the North East are flying out to Buryatia, Russia from New York City. I am one of those people. Thoughts of doubt no longer assault me because Christ has the power to save you and I from fear and insecurity!

Here is what we have been doing in preparation:

                                                                      Car Wash

                                                     First Ever Slavic Pentecostal Bake Sale

~Praying and Fasting~

Buying 64 bubbles with wands, 24 crayon boxes, 6 animal puzzles, hundreds of stickers, a first aid kit for Nurse Tanya, cute band aids, tons of coloring pages, buying loads of skirts, having sweet people you love giving you money, making over 300 pages of copies for Russian songs, calling dentist offices looking for donations of toothbrushes for kids, visa difficulties... and much more.  

Can you join us in prayer for this trip?