Monday, June 4, 2012

Regional Youth Camp of The Woods 2012

Thank Jesus for an awesome camp this year. I personally had a blast and felt blessed to be there.
 Here are some pics 

The site was beautiful. Especially on the third day when the sun finally decided to join us again.

Tanya and Natalie :) People kept confusing Tanya and I up. Others thought Natalie was our sister. Haha! She is though.

Here is the treasure... 

The girls had a little testomony-heart-to-heart-worship time in Ziychik II (name of the girls cabin). Everyday I see more and more of Jesus in the actions, words and countenance of our young woman.
Here is half of my cabin. Totally not taking pictures of themselves during church service.

And then the final hike up the mountain. All five minutes of it was a blast. As you can see, I remember saying something mean to David. He will get over it :) Haha
If you were around these girls in the AM you would have heard the entire good morning rap, but here are the last few seconds of what I could catch. 
"Top of the mornin to ya girly"
So to answer my own question. Indeed, I did leave the camp site feeling the Lord's blessing because young people came to know Jesus Christ. My favorite parts of the weekend consisted of the church services, especially the worship!
"It rain outside, and it rain inside because God bless us" 
-Pastor Mike Sahan 

PS: If you have any comments or suggestions about camp email me or post a comment and if God wills it will be even better next year!