Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nursing Orientation and Pre-Camp

Today was my nursing orientation... and I think they are out to scare us away. They call it "Boot Camp", which I personally don't think sounds very fun. As a result I am nervous to start this semester in the fall, but my excitement to get started overrides the fear.

Now I happily tuck away these spinning thoughts of things I have to get done, tuck away this red folder with the words "NURSING" on the corner, and tuck away all worries. Because tomorrow is regional youth camp.

I hope you all are joining! I do not know what to expect this year. New facility, new responsibilities (for me), different youth... The Adirondacks! I encourage you all to sign up for the soccer, volleyball and ping pong tournaments :) Anyway I am pretty much all packed up... All I need is a night of rest because staying up late in the church office is messing up my circadian rhythm. Anyway keep praying (or start) for camp to be blessed. I have seen things happen with my own two eyes that shows that God is in control.

We as Slavic youth like to push the boundaries on time-limits and people-limits and changing-your-mind limits. And if I could say that I learned one thing during the administration process for far, it is that people are indecisive creatures! It is just how we are. But please people, stop changing your mind so much and messing with our brains :P But going back, above all I have seen God doing so much to make this camp possible. People had their ideas and put God into a little box thinking all would go according to their little plan.. No no no, God took control and I see Him really moving things around. It's awesome. One quote I though summed it all up: "At the end of the day when you see people turning to Jesus, this is all worth it." -Paul M.

So on Sunday at 1:30 pm when we all clear out of the camp, I hope to come home with the faith and knowledge that someone turned to Jesus.