Thursday, May 3, 2012

HW Time

I love it when I have SO much to do, yet I find SO much other things to do! You all know what I mean. This is my ritual for getting school work done: Eat breakfast, dress up (it's weird), light up a candle (oops), get a huge mug of London Earl Grey tea, sit down, check my email (I have a new job as secretary/helper for Camp of the Woods this year). Get distracted. Ok :) Yeah I have to not only physically prepare myself to do something such as write an essay, I have to mentally prepare myself. So off to work I go! Send out a prayer for me, I know you can!

PS: Pray for my grandma, she's in the hospital not feeling good, high BP and they can't get it down :( She asked for me to pray for her.

Have a wonderful day! You can see it so be thankful (view previous post)!