Thursday, August 9, 2012


It has been a very eventful few weeks ever since getting back from Russia.  This past weekend, we had a "Buryatia Family Reunion" and I know we all loved it. One moment that I do not want to forget was staying up with Mia when we were in Cleavland, we really got to talk about God. Those kind of friendships are precious, the ones where you simply serve one another in encouragement and prayer. I am blessed to have several of such friends in my life, not only from my Buryatia family, but my beloved Rochester family as well. Anyway, after we talked she left to take a shower and I got to have some time alone. It was such a blessing to feel the presence of God. Then randomly this song turned on and it perfectly described what I was feeling.

Your tenderness is moving, You refresh my soul
With words of pristine water
That bathe and make me whole
Your holiness is burning through my very soul
Your words consume like fire
I'm purified like gold

I'm overwhelmed by You, Your sovereign majesty
I'm captured in the passion of a Holy King
And I've been reconciled to the Son of Peace
I belong to You, You belong to me

Your authority is comfort
It brings me to my knees
A noble God of justice, You give mercy's peace
Forgiveness is humbling it makes my life bow
Beneath the oak of friendship I lay my burden down

You are my future, You are my hope
My one desire, my forever love
You are my future, You are my hope
My one desire, my Forever Love