Thursday, August 23, 2012

Slowly Winding Summer Down

It may be hard to accept... but summer is slowly beginning to wind down. Before we all begin to run madly towards the hills in fear of books, clinicals, college parking and freaky professors, let us dwell on how awesome these last few weeks of summer have been.

Lyuda and Vadim's wedding. Prince and Princess :)

Fun things with our lovely Irina. Check out her blog here

The bake sales! God always made things work out. Mini cheesecake recipe link

Having awesome guests over from Columbus, OH. Going on a canoeing adventure with them :)

Chillin at the park. 

Cliff jumping. (No biggie :P)

Exploring Ithaca college with friends.

From Buryatia to Erie to Cleavland to Rochester to Canandaigua and to Ithaca, it's been a memorable season in life. God has been supremely awesome in showing His hand wherever I go, and for that I am eternally grateful.